I Get You, Now.

 Here are some simple notes to help you remember some extraordinary people that Helen Thomson, in her book – ‘Unthinkable’ – so humanely interviews, and tries to see the world as they do. 

If I picked a day from your past, could you say what you did then?

Bob could, for he never forgets a single day.

Hell, he doesn’t even forget a feeling!


Sharon’s world turns topsy-turvy,

Of course, with a Wonder Woman-like swirl,

She can flip it right back!


Ruben sees your true colour,

Orange, Green, Red or blue.

Well, I guess, it’s more about him than you!


Being tough as a nail got Tommy into jail,

They had to cut him open,

To turn the iron inside, to cotton!


Sylvia can see things that are not, but so can you

With headphones on your ears, sliced ping pong balls on your eyes

And some plain ol’ white noise.


Matar is a tiger, no, really.

Some say it’s coz he’s schizo, some, lycanthropy.

But remember, if we are what we think we are, a tiger, he is.


Lousie watches her life unfold, like a fly on the wall.

Many a time, when it really gets to her, she hears

Much like Munch, the Scream of Nature.


Graham refuses to eat or sleep.

Of what use is food to a dead person he asks?

Well, it takes a bit fooling to make a man with Cotard’s eat.


When Joel says ‘I feel you’, he’s not kidding,

Mirror-touch synaesthesia is empathy at its edge

Now for a doctor to have it, well, let’s just say it’s a bit good and a lot bad.


If you startle easy, you can be trained to be a Jumping Frenchman,

Their tribe trickled away, till came along Basse,

Who’s a hit on youtube and has a real name that’s a perfect match.

The End.


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