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Sub: 20×20 Cushion Covers


I had purchased a cushion cover (actually a set of two), from your store in Mumbai. I was delighted because I could not easily find a cushion cover in 20X20″ dimension until then. Everyone stops at 18X18″ covers! I wonder if Scandinavians use larger cushions 🙂

But my joy was short-lived. After I washed these cushion covers, they shrunk. Now they obviously don’t fit over the cushions and interestingly, they measure exactly 18X18″. Can you believe that!!

The salesman in your store had assured me that these covers were pre-washed and that they would not shrink.

Please advise on the way forward. (return/replacement)


Bala (Bala Rama, is the name on the Bill, if you want to verify the purchase)

Sub: Re: 20×20 Cushion Covers

Dear Bala/Rama,

Sorry about your covers shrinkage. We are not understanding how they happen. All our customer are hapy with our service.

We can not able to replace because that is one piece only. You are coming to Mumbai again means you can take new ones.

Thank you see you again.

Also my name is Ruchi please not call hello.


Sub: Re: Re: 20×20 Cushion Covers now 18X18

Hello Ruchi,

As you can see, ‘Hello’ is used as a greeting and not in place of your name, which, I did not have the privilege of knowing, before you informed me.

Thank you for your timely response. Other than it being ‘timely’, it was not of much use.

As far as the cushion covers are concerned, I can help you understand how this has happened. These covers are made of cotton and unlike as promised by your salesman, the material has not been pre-washed. Normally it’s a good idea to use pre-washed material so that when you say, 20X20″, it stays nearly that much. A lot of inexpensive cushion covers do shrink. Some people don’t mind their cushions being suffocated by their own covers or perhaps they buy one size bigger. However, I paid Rs.1200/- which in my opinion, is rather expensive. But after a lot of searching I had found the right size and print, so I went ahead. I certainly didn’t expect them to shrink.

I am quite sure I had seen at least 10 pieces when I was in the store. I’m surprised that they are all sold. If you do not have a replacement policy, please refund my amount.

Bala Rama (First name: Bala, Second Name: Rama)

Sub: Re: Re: Re: 20×20 Cushion Covers now 18X18

Dear Balu Rama,

Why your not able to understand. I’m not able to replace. All our products are selling fastly. That cover is also going like that. NOT ONE SINGLE complaint is coming.

So please not mail again because I’m not haveing answer.



Sub: Re: Re: Re: Re: 20×20 Cushion Covers now 18X18

Hello Ruchi,

I understand finally. You have run out of stock and you do not have any covers to replace mine with. I get it. I get it…get it.

But why the fuck can you not refund the amount or at least answer that part of the mail!?

Kindly excuse the language used in the above line. (it’s just how I’m feeling right now)

I’m counting….to 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1.

There. I’m a lot calmer now.

You seem to be able to get the spelling of your name right, every time. Remarkable.

Please cut and paste the following when you respond. (Dear Bala Rama,)


Bala Rama

Sub: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: 20×20 Cushion Covers now 18X18

(Dear Bala Rama,)

I am complaning your mail to police station. You are not using gentlemanly correct language.

Also what is your counting. I know counting.

If you not abuse I may think of it but now we are not able to refund or replace

Complaints closed.



Sub: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: 20×20 Cushion Covers now 18X18

Dear Ruchi,

I agree, I should not have used that language. I am sorry about that.

Complaint closed? You have not even acknowledged the complaint!

I have two ‘shirt pockets’ in place of pillow covers and you think you have solved my problem? I am ready to send them back, I will bear the delivery charge. Please refund the amount.

If I don’t get a refund, I will register a complaint of fraud.



Sub: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: 20×20 Cushion Covers now 18X18

(Dear Bala Rama,)

I am in hurry and not having the time. We have closed complaint and also closing time now. You can do anything



Sub: Happy Customer

Dear Ruchi,

Tomorrow morning, when it’s opening time for your store, I suggest you don’t bother with it. You are a very good customer service executive. I think you should manage an entire team of maybe 400/500 youngsters who can be moulded and trained to be like you, and also write like you.

I am inspired by how you have so effortlessly addressed my concerns and resolved the matter rather amicably. How can you be so obsessed with customer delight?

And to have learnt it without any formal training! Ah. That is the thing. You will also be a great asset to anyone that you choose to work for, as you will help them retire early, which nowadays, is seen as a good thing.

Yesterday, I clumsily spilled some coffee on the floor. Luckily for me, your lovely cushion covers were nearby. I discovered that the material had an extraordinary ability to absorb liquid. So much so, that I didn’t have to use the other cushion cover. Such convenience. In an hour the cover had dried and guess what? Yes, now it’s even smaller than the other one. Gets handier with every use. Would you believe it!

Just wanted to thank you for your time and effort. Next time around if I’m in Mumbai and in case you haven’t become a VP-Customer Service of some big corporation, I will drop by and say hello…I mean Hello Ruchi. At that time we can perhaps recall this lovely, bonding experience as we sip some chai, which, needless to say, is on me.

Till then, my friend, good-bye.


Bala ‘never has there been a wiser man‘ Rama


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