We’re sure you’ve had one of these.

It’s no secret that people, mostly men, have been stepping on your toes ever since you could remember. Being a woman, has got you accustomed to ignoring the pain of a stubbed toe and many other such ‘pains’. Like that of seeing a man sitting in a seat reserved for you in the bus. Or the pain of being casually brushed against in an elevator. The list is probably endless. Glass ceilings, pay disparity, dress codes, mansplaining, victim blaming, male gaze and not to overlook clumsy men who actually step on your toe.

And just as it happens with a stubbed toe, first, there is a shooting pain and you barely have the time to react. Then, by the time you are ready with your thoughts, you or someone near you convinces you to let it pass.

But your toe keeps throbbing with a dull and yet, persistent pain. It won’t go away. There’s nothing that will reverse what’s happened. There’s a lot to correct in this world and make it a better place for you.

This International Women’s Day, here’s our heartfelt sorry for all the stubbed toes. For, the only thing more painful than a stubbed toe, is not receiving at the very least, an apology for it.




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